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What is the Realtor Referral Program?

We work with RE/MAX realtors nationwide, equipping them with exclusive rental pricing data to facilitate seamless rental property purchases for their clients.

Once a property is acquired, bring us in to provide full-service property management for your client’s investment. If the owner decides to sell, we’ll transition it back to you to complete the process. We’re here to make your job easier (and make you look good at the same time).

Consider us your in-house property management team for single-family units. We focus on delivering value for all parties involved.

What are the benefits?

We provide, in real time, accurate rental pricing data for potential properties.
If your clients are interested in a property and are unsure what it would rent for, simply send us the address and within 24 hours, we'll provide you with accurate pricing and comparables for that specific property.
We work for you at no cost.
We offer accurate rental income assessments to give your clients peace of mind and help them make informed purchasing decisions.
We know that building strong relationships is the key to success.
We nurture the owner relationship while the property is in its rental stage and easily transition back to you when the owner is ready to sell, along with providing extensive rental data to support a quick sale.
Everyone loves a dinner out, and we want to show our appreciation for your referrals.
That's why we offer a referral fee of $200 for every successfully onboarded client. This isn't our focus, but we want you to know that we value your partnership.
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How it works?